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Dudley Beach

Mar 6

About Dudley Beach

Dudley Beach is located on the southern side of Little Redhead Point and trends due southwest for 1.3 km, to a high rocky section at its end that leads into an area with no landings or condos nearby but plenty more coastline options available if you're willing to take your time getting there! The suburb where this gorgeous beachfront lagoon resides - called Dudley (or simply "Dudleys")- was once home to only coal miners who wanted some extra leisurely hours off during their workday; however, they had no way accessing said beaches themselves until 1930 when A surf club was known as "Duddies" formed because patrolmen realized how dangerous it could be running around unprotected.

The beach is a haven for those who want to escape from their day-to earth. It faces southeast, receives high waves averaging 1 m and has four strong rips against the rocks with two smaller ones that cross towards each end--making it perfect for surfing or fishing.

What To Do At Dudley Beach

Escape the crowds at Dudley Beach in Glenrock State Conservation Area. Enjoy a picnic on sand or paddle along the shore while you're here! Search for fossils among rockpools, if that's what takes your fancy - but don't forget to have some fun with other people too-it'll make all of this more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to get away from it all, this secluded beach is the perfect spot. Kick off your shoes and enjoy a tranquil walk along the sand with its pristine waters that are unspoiled by any other tourists or visitors. At low tide explore what's hidden under rocks at the southern end of The isolated coastline - fossilized forests waiting just below ground level making each step an adventure into science fact.

When the sun is hot and you’ve had enough of running around on trails or walking through forest paths, relax at Dudley Beach. The waves at Dudley Beach are always crashing, but it's the sound that makes them so welcoming. The water here has strong currents and rips which means you have to be careful when swimming or fishing in calm conditions because the area is unpatrolled.

Surfing at Burwood, near the Shallows Surf Club, is where you can find some good waves. Northward into Leggy Point and Little Redhead point offer up another set of beaches with a more consistent shore break for those looking to get their boards wet. Dudley also has an interesting spot where many fishermen head towards-the gutters off flat rocks provide excellent fishing spots.


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